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Going to school, doing daily pull-ups, using the internet, listening to music, and consuming media. I removed Twitter from my smartphone's homescreen and my screen time went from hour(s) to minute(s). Fighting bad addiction! Replaced some of that time with reading posts on the Fediverse. Updated my cap counter! The number of hats I own could theoretically legally drink in the US. I'm wondering what I should major in college.

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About myself & who I am

TL;DR: he/he/they "maleman" who likes computers, cats, consuming content, creating content, & interacting with fellow humans.

My name's Xan! โœจ I'm a lover of swaggy software & technology. I'm a thoughtful person who likes making other laugh, and who usually speaks in a monotone voice. (I am not a robot ๐Ÿ—ฟ) I spend a lot of time chatting with friends on Discord, where I own a couple servers. I also browse YouTube, the Fediverse, and on other platforms. But when I'm not online, I'm at school or taking photos. I use my Google Pixel 6 or other cameras to take photos, like the ones on this site's homepage and photography.xan.lol. I sometimes use YouTube Music to find songs to listen to and then download, increasing the number of hours (42+ as of April '23) of music on my phone, so I always have something to listen to. I listed a ton of my favorite musicians (and films, games, & content creators) on faves.xan.lol so that I can remember them all. I also have a Last.fm account that's way more up-to-date. I like eating vegan ice cream (ex: Ben And Jerry's Non-Dairy Cherry Garcia) and other plant-based foods. I chose the diet/lifestyle after learning about the vast health benefits, even though I don't care for the animals very much. Animal products cause more carbon emissions than the entire transportation sector!!? My first name Xan comes from the Time Quintet/A Wrinkle in Time series. The last name Surnamehere was just an idea I had, but could be considered important in elements of my lore. It's possible that you learned that I was alive through my Scratch presence. I don't use the platform anymore, but if you care, you can read a little bit about things I did there.

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Xan.lol was originally made with no-code site building service Carrd.co, but after having a good time paying for its top teir and not coding much myself, I decided to export my sites. The source code of this one is now available on GitHub (currently with all content copyright myself) and is hosted with Cloudflare Pages. I use Contabo to host my own YunoHost instance, which is connected to a few xan.lol subdomains. I often think about updating this main site to have more content in the form of a microblog (&/or a full blog), integrations with services I use (Last.fm, Discord, etc.), lists of my favorite things, and a better layout.

What's this? The Socio-Political Climate Of IKEA?! No, I don't think so.