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I bought a CSS hat from Kevin Powell and some games on Steam, like Celeste, ULTRAKILL, and PERMUTER. When my ear started making a sound like stepping through snow during certain head movements, I contacted a doctor and then poured some vinegar in it! Pool water broke me, but truly american fireworks just felt lame (in the sense of the horrible waste we need to clean, the length of just sitting down to be barrated with booms, and the harm to most human senses. One explosion actually felt like a bomb)! I'm doing summer break things, like playing Clash Royale, Flow Free, Heck Deck (created by the same person who made Windowkill!), and other mobile games. Continuing my daily pull-ups, but might sprinkle in a few push ups, as I apparently have no abs. Totally surfing the internet, with perpetual tabs on Firefox (on the windows desktop and on Android) that I may never close (and I still haven't opened my bookmarks). Purchased a server that'll last a year, and it's physically a lot closer to me than in Germany, so the ping could be pretty good. (I need to login for the first time. I cannot treat an actual server like I do my Steam library... never opened.) Gaining more opinions and views of software, people, companies, and politics. UK is wild and the US should switch to approval voting. Where do I post content recommendations? With a Watch Later playlist spanning nearly 500 videos, I have a lot of hours to spend watching, and probably will want to share from them. (Currently using the #things channel in my Discord server.) I need to buy tickets for Magdalena Bay's tour!! It would be funny if I move on to other artists by the time their concert date arrives, like how I started listening to iDKHOW's latest album on the way to their concert (... I had listned to maybe 1 or 2 of the songs before). I haven't declared a major in college, but maybe I'll take a path around some kind of fun software. (Though, not with an 'interest area' in graphic design ... I'm not a big fan of Adobe.)

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TL;DR: he/he/they "maleman" who likes computers, cats, consuming content, creating content, & interacting with fellow humans.

My name's Xan! ✨ I'm a lover of swaggy software & technology. I normally speak in a monotone, and I like using a deadpan delivery of humor to make others laugh. (Do note that I am not a robot πŸ—Ώ) I spend a lot of time chatting with friends on Discord, where I own a couple servers. I also browse YouTube, the Fediverse, the whole {indie} internet, and on more social platforms. But when I'm not online, I'm taking public transit to the library, playing card games, reading a book, or using hardware offline. πŸ˜ΌπŸ“Έ I use my Google Pixel 6 or other cameras to take photos, like the ones on this site's homepage and photography.xan.lol. I sometimes use YouTube Music to find songs to listen to and then download, increasing the number of hours (>42 as of April '23) of music on my phone, so I always have something to listen to. I listed a ton of my favorite musicians (and films, games, & content creators) on faves.xan.lol so that I can remember them all [HORRIBLY OUTDATED]. I also have a Last.fm account that's way more up-to-date. I like eating vegan ice cream (ex: Ben And Jerry's Non-Dairy Cherry Garcia) and other plant-based foods. I chose the diet/lifestyle after learning about the vast health benefits, even though I lack more empathy for those so-called livestock. Animal products cause more carbon emissions than the entire transportation sector!!? The first name 'Xan' comes from the Time Quintet/A Wrinkle in Time series. And while the last name 'Surnamehere' was an original thought that's much more modern, it could be considered important in elements of my lore. It's possible that you learned that I was alive through my Scratch presence. I don't use the platform anymore, but if you care, you can read a little bit about some accounts I traveled through.

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Xan.lol was originally made with no-code site building service Carrd.co, but after having a good time paying for its top teir and not coding much myself, I decided to export my sites. The source code of this one is now available on GitHub (currently with all content copyright myself) and is hosted with Cloudflare Pages. I use Contabo to host my own YunoHost instance, which is connected to a few xan.lol subdomains. I often think about updating this main site to have more content in the form of a microblog (&/or a full blog), integrations with services I use (Last.fm, Discord, etc.), lists of my favorite things, and a better layout.

What's this? The Socio-Political Climate Of IKEA?! No, I don't think so.