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Fell off a bike late last year, and I still walk weird because of it! ๐Ÿ˜• I just updated my socials on this site again. Continuing to think about remaking it (imagine fediverse microblog/blog/other crap) with a much more improved layout, maybe with content on 1 side and navigation on the other. ๐Ÿค”

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About myself & who I am

TL;DR: he/he/they "maleman" (cishet) who likes computers, cats, consuming content, creating content, & interacting with fellow humans.

My name's Xan! โœจ I'm a teenage lover of swaggy software & a big tech enthusiast. I'm a thoughtful person who has a slightly broken sense of humor and who usually speaks in a monotone voice. (I am not a robot ๐Ÿ—ฟ)I spend a lot of time chatting with friends on Discord, where I own a couple servers. I also browse YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms. But when I'm not online, I'm at school or taking photos. I use my Google Pixel 6 or a professional camera to take photos, like the ones on this site's homepage and photography.xan.lol.I sometimes use YouTube Music to find songs to listen to and then download, increasing the number of hours (42+ as of April '23) of music on my phone, so I always have something to listen to. I listed a ton of my favorite musicians (and films, games, & content creators) on faves.xan.lol so that I can remember them all.I like eating vegan ice cream and other plant-based foods. I chose the diet/lifestyle after learning about the vast health benefits, even though I don't care for the animals very much. Animal products worsen the planet's health too.My first name Xan comes from the Time Quintet/A Wrinkle in Time series. The last name Surnamehere was just an idea I had, but could be considered important in elements of my lore.It's possible that you learned that I was alive through my Scratch presence. I don't really use the platform anymore, but if you care, you can read a little bit about things I did there here.

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Xan.lol was originally made with Carrd.co, a no(-or low)-code service that you can totally use for free (but I hit the 50 element limit on faves.xan.lol so I had bought the top tier subscription). I downloaded my sites shortly before my annual plan ended and then uploaded them onto Cloudflare Pages, which worked pretty well. (Now on GitHub, still using Cloudflare Pages.)I want a blog like manton.org on this domain. Please message me somewhere if you could help me add something similar to a new version of this site! (Or tell me how would someone go about adding ActivityPub &/or indieweb integration to a Hugo or other static site?)

What's this? The Socio-Political Climate Of IKEA?! No, I don't think so.

I might've generated this via ChatGPT3 before it got popular ๐Ÿ‘€-Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a giraffe named Gerald. Gerald was a bit of a peculiar giraffe, as he had a love for wearing underpants. He would spend hours in front of his mirror, trying on different pairs of underpants and admiring how they looked on him.Despite the teasing and ridicule he received from the other giraffes, Gerald never lost his love for underpants. In fact, he only grew more and more determined to prove to the world that giraffes could look just as fashionable and stylish in underpants as any other animal.One day, Gerald decided to enter the annual animal fashion show, where all of the best-dressed animals from across the land gathered to showcase their finest clothing. The other giraffes laughed and scoffed at Gerald when they heard of his plans, but he was undeterred.On the day of the fashion show, Gerald strutted down the runway, wearing a bright red pair of underpants that matched the spots on his fur. The judges and the audience were shocked by his bold fashion choice, but they couldn't deny that he looked absolutely dashing.In the end, Gerald was awarded the top prize in the fashion show, and he became a shining example to all giraffes (and animals) that it's important to be true to yourself, no matter what others may say. From that day on, underpants became all the rage among giraffes, and Gerald was hailed as a fashion icon.-Once upon a time, in the same far-off land where the giraffe named Gerald lived, there was a hyena named Henrietta. Henrietta was a bit confused, as she had always been taught that giraffes were her natural prey. But she had never actually tried to eat one before, and she wasn't quite sure how to go about it.One day, Henrietta came across Gerald, the fashionable giraffe with underpants. She was immediately mesmerized by his bright red underpants, and she forgot all about her instincts to hunt giraffes. Instead, she approached Gerald and struck up a conversation with him.To Henrietta's surprise, Gerald was incredibly friendly and kind. He invited Henrietta to join him for a picnic, where they enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh fruits and vegetables. Henrietta was fascinated by Gerald's love for underpants, and she even tried on a pair of her own.From that day on, Henrietta and Gerald became the best of friends. They spent their days going on adventures and exploring the world together, always looking fashionable and stylish in their underpants. And as for Henrietta's confusion about consuming giraffes, she quickly realized that friendship was much more fulfilling than any meal could ever be.