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At the moment, I'm sharing this website across the internet. I'm probably also watching YouTube, working on schoolwork, and chatting with people on my Discord servers.I would like a blog similar to manton.org 👀 DM me on Discord if you're interested in helping me add something similar to my own site.

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About myself & who I am

TL;DR: xe/him/theirs "maleman" (heterosexual) who likes computers, cats, creating content, consuming content, & interacting with fellow humans.

I'm located in the middle of North America (PST). I usually spend my time at high school doing schoolwork, watching feature films & videos at home, and having a good time with my friends. I eat plant-based foods (based 🗿 vegan I don't care about the animals being eaten, but animals do contribute a lot to a worsened planet. We knew this in before I was born..).I was born at a very young age... (oop, I mean) I've loved technology from a young age. 🚼 When I was in elementary school, I found a book about programming games in Scratch. In middle school, I learned about coding outside of Scratch while searching for mods. In high school, my Scratch server reached 500 members, so I still kind of do things related to the platform.I own a Google Pixel 6 and I take a lot of photos, sometimes with professional cameras. All images seen on this site's homepage were taken by me.I enjoy chatting on Discord, eating vegan ice cream, pirating downloading songs to play with my wireless earbuds, watching Marvel shows, and having a good time.If you want to see a larger range of my favorite things, go to faves.xan.lol.

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What's this? The Socio-Political Climate Of IKEA?! No, I don't think so.